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    Marketing Intelligence: What Is It and How to Apply It?

    Por: Núria Emilio | Oct 14, 2021 9:49:08 AM

    Nowadays executives have more information than ever before. But so do customers, which adds to the need for competent and innovative marketing and business strategies. Thus, marketing intelligence can be the key to success in an increasingly competitive environment.

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    Customer Journey: What Is It and How to Build It?

    Por: Núria Emilio | Oct 7, 2021 11:23:40 AM

    More and more organisations are moving towards customer-centricity or, in other words, embracing customer-centric business strategies. We explore the customer journey model, one of the most widely used and effective customer strategies. 

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    What Will the Customer Experience (CX) Of the Future Be Like?

    Por: Núria Emilio | Sep 30, 2021 10:30:33 AM

    Customer experience is one of the most relevant trends of the moment. Numerous studies such as the one by B2B International rank it as the preferred strategy for companies' marketing teams. Like all booming systems, it is constantly evolving and organisations must start to consider what the customer experience of the future will be like and what they must do to avoid being late to CX's new[...]

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    Top 5 Customer Experience Trends of 2021

    Por: Núria Emilio | Sep 16, 2021 9:56:11 AM

    2020 has been a period of intense transformation in the business world. Covid-19 has accelerated trends that were already emerging, especially regarding the customer experience. We take a look at the 5 most relevant customer experience trends for 2021

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    The Keys to a Good Customer Engagement Strategy

    Por: Núria Emilio | Sep 2, 2021 11:46:12 AM

    In an increasingly competitive and digital market, creating meaningful customer relationships based on loyalty, prioritising the acquisition and retention of new customers and differentiating yourself from the competition through added value has become the key to success. We discuss customer engagement and why it is a fundamental strategy in today's business ecosystem. 

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    Customer Segmentation: How To Segment Customers?

    Por: Núria Emilio | Jul 8, 2021 11:08:29 AM

    As companies move towards customer-centric business strategies, knowing the customer becomes one of the top priorities for companies. Customer segmentation is at the heart of the knowledge-gaining process. In this article we explore customer segmentation and explain how to segment customers.

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    Garbage In, Garbage Out & How to Avoid It: Data-Driven Transformation

    Por: Núria Emilio | Jul 1, 2021 11:14:00 AM

    By now, nearly all businesses have embraced data-driven transformation processeses. However, as the IT expression "Garbage in, garbage out" implies, many organisations are jumping on the data-driven transformation boat without knowing where they are going, leading to poor results.

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    Customer Experience: Beyond Technology and Data

    Por: Núria Emilio | Jun 17, 2021 10:29:03 AM

    Customer experience is increasingly becoming the core of business strategies. Technology, data and predictive analytics are increasingly facilitating the ability to satisfy customers through innovative experiences. However, the premise of customer experience is much simpler and philosophical than it may appear.

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    6 Reasons Why Customer Experience Is Important and 7 Keys to Improve It

    Por: Núria Emilio | Jun 3, 2021 10:42:38 AM

    The customer has become the epicentre of business strategies. In addition to offering good products and services, companies are increasingly concerned about offering satisfactory experiences to their customers. Taking care of the customer experience is nowadays one of the key points for any business. In this article, we talk about customer experience and why it is essential!


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